BMW M Drive Tour 2019.


Do you dream of a place that is especially made for BMW M? Well, it exists – just around the corner. Welcome to BMW M Town, discover its fascinating attractions and learn how to be a better driver! Train your handling skills on the tricky Playground at the wheel of a BMW X5, BMW X7 and BMW M850i. Master the challenging race track in a BMW M5 and BMW M5 Competition, prepare for the next fast lap in the BMW M2 and M4 Coupé Competition enjoying their performance on racing asphalt. Get wowed by an exclusive closed room experience and be one of the first to spot a new BMW M model.

Discover a site where too much is just right and where lifestyle equals performance. Be there, in the city full of power, packed with stunning stations and unparalleled driving fun. Are you willing to M-phasize your life?So get ready for exciting driving exercises and look forward to the BMW M Drive Tour 2019, that will take you to a spot where adrenaline is the currency. Become a citizen of the most awesome place for BMW M enthusiasts, take your chance and make every second of your M Town´s stay an exciting experience.
BMW M Town is waiting for you ...

M Town is everywhere.

Place your photo on the #M_Town world map and join the movement.

M Town is not the sort of place you can find on a regular map. M Town embodies the kind of passion for high performance cars that lies in the heart of car lovers and fans – no matter where they live. Discover the Instagram posts of this global community. Or appear on the world map yourself. Post a photo with the hashtag #M_Town and soon your post will appear on the map.


Get a glimpse of what happened at Slovakia Ring in May 2019 at the most thrilling event in Central and Southeastern Europe and look forward to your exciting experience in 2019.

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