BMW M Drive Tour 2018.

Explore the new BMW M5
Your event experience

Can you still feel the adrenaline?

At the BMW M Drive Tour 2018, you got to experience the elite of BMW M vehicles at first hand.
As a souvenir, we have compiled a thrilling digital BMW M5 experience, and your individual photo wall and video of the day – so that you can feel, show and share the thrill, over and over again.

Explore the new BMW M5 from every angle.

If you would like to configure the new BMW M5 according to your preferences, please go to Home or your BMW dealer.

Get moving: Your personalised video.

Have you ever dreamed of racing the track of Les Mans in your personal dream car? This is as close as it can get: The new BMW M5 on the Circuit de 24 Heures, as if you were racing it yourself.